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Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails


We had the little boy over for a couple of days.  We had so much fun with his antics and playfulness.  He’s into dinosaurs right now so a trip to the San Bernardino County Museum was in order.  Although not much in the way of dinosaurs he had fun just running around.  And he was not very happy when we left!

These are taken with my Canon 60D DSLR and kit lens.  I love this camera and it’s ease of use.  My favorite is the articulating screen which I didn’t think I’d ever use but do so often.  I always shoot in RAW and edit with Lightroom 3 and sometimes Photoshop CS5.  These are edited with some free Lightroom presets which I am learning to use.  I am still very new to LR and still learning the software and photography.  But I call these shots a success!



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