Playing with Polaroid Negatives

I call them polaroids because I shot the film with my Polaroid 220 Land Camera. But as Polaroid is no longer available I am using Fuji FP 100c instant peel apart film. With the first photo I posted last week I was happily amazed at how brilliant the color was. This photo here is not that great (other than the little boy who I adore is in it) but it gave me the opportunity to play a bit with it. The out of camera shot is the first one, next is the digitally scanned ‘negative’ and last is the Photoshop edit I did on the scan.


Scanned 'negative'

Photoshop scan

How did I get a negative????  The wonderful people at Freestyle Photo clued me in on how to get a negative from the film.  After taking the shot, waiting a couple minutes for it to develop I then peeled the print from the backing paper.  I let the paper/emulsion dry and then I taped  it emulsion side down on glass and sealed all edges.  Next I soaked a paper towel in chlorine bleach (Clorox) and wrung it out (wearing gloves) and laid it flat on the paperbacked  ‘negative.’  I waited 10 to 15 minutes before carefully wiping the bleached soaked paper.  The black paper came up easily.  I let the whole thing dry and when I removed it from the glass I had a color negative from the Fuji print.  Next I scanned it and finally did some editing in PS.  Of course the negative isn’t high quality and I’m sure there are blemishes on the negative.  For artistic and creative purpose I think it may find it’s way into my bag of tricks.


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