Polaroid 220 Land Camera and it Works!

Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA
Polaroid 220 Land Camera

Woke up to a beautiful sunny southern California Saturday with no real plans for the day.  So, we had our morning coffee and then headed out to Los Angeles for the day.  Our first stop was Freestyle Photo to pick up some supplies.  Last month I bought a Polaroid 220 Land Camera off ebay for $24, free shipping.  I’ve been wanting to test it out but film for it is not so easy to find.  Freestyle had the battery I needed and Fuji instant film.  This is the first photo from the film pack taken just outside the store on Sunset Blvd.  I can’t wait to plan a photo day with my ‘new’ vintage camera!

From there we headed to the Fashion Garment District where I had a shopping spree at Michael Levine Fabrics.  Oh, I’m going to make lots more aprons!  Our last stop was for drinks to help wind down our day.  Great fun today!


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