Sewing a Purse Insert/Organizer

I have been wanting a purse insert/organizer for some time.  I hate having to take all my things out of one purse to put in another.  This seems like such a clever way to keep everything in ‘one’ purse and then just move the insert from purse to purse.  I drafted my own pattern and made this prototype.  It has lots of pockets, a key fob and a sturdy bottom.  Next one I’ll put some sort of handle to make it easier to life out of snug purses.   I’ll have to tweak the pattern a bit but I think I’m going to enjoy my new ‘purse’!

Purse insert-5.jpg

My DIY purse insert.

Purse insert-4.jpg

Purse insert in my pink purse.

Purse insert-3.jpg

All this fits!


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