My Dream Sewing/Craft Studio

sewing table-3.jpg

mason jars-9.jpg

sewing table-10.jpg

Well my wonderful husband has finished building my beautiful new sewing table with plans we pulled off the internet via Pinterest and Ana White Homemaker.  There were a few glitches along the way and a couple things he still has to work out (like sanding down the legs a bit ).  He also put up a matching pegboard for my sewing tools and i made a fabric covered bulletin board to match.  A few more decorating touches and my sewing/craft studio will be everything I’ve dreamed of!  Next time a tour of my almost finished art/darkroom studio upstairs 🙂

sewing table-1-2.jpg



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2 responses to “My Dream Sewing/Craft Studio

  1. What a pretty room. So new and clean. Time to make something! This looks like your dining room. Where did the furniture go? Or do you all just eat in the kitchen now?

  2. Val

    I wish I were organised like this. Heck, I wish I were organised! 🙂

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