Eureka Lemon 2

My creative soul ebbs and flows in no particular fashion.  I might spend months exploring a new medium or just hours.  I will let a passion sleep while a new one awakens in me.  So goes it now.  I’ve cleared out the sewing nook and filled it with my watercolors and papers.  Happily I find myself re-discovering the fluid properties of watercolor on paper and pallet.

Along the way it’s little things that inspire me to move in new directions.  It might be something I see or read about.   It could be the colors I see on a pineapple sitting on my countertop.  How do I make the colors sing like that on paper?  Traveling always inspires me.  I am constantly  hoping to capture the essence of what I see with a camera or paintbrush.

I saw a post last week about Cathy Johnson’s new book Artist’s Journal Workshop being available as an e book.  I wasn’t sure about an art book read on the computer but I was delighted to find that I could read it easily and see all the beautiful images included.  Along with my current explorations into watercolor and the desire to put some of Cathy’s ideas into action, I made a new watercolor sketchbook filled with 140# cp Kilimanjaro paper from Cheap Joe’s art supply and Ingres antique camel brown paper.

This first entry into the artist journal is my ‘get over the first page’ jitters sketch.  I picked a loved and familiar subject and gathered my art supplies to sit under it’s shade while I played this morning.  Enjoying the journey!

Eureka Lemon



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3 responses to “Inspiration

  1. Great first page and I love the name of the lemon!

  2. Dali Lobo

    Nice and loose. Very good!

  3. I like how you made the flap over the drawing and drew on that too……. very cool ! Thanks for your stop on my blog too.

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