Summer Road Trip: day 2

stonycreek - Version 3

Stony Creek

On our second day of our road trip adventure we awoke to sunlight filtering through the towering trees.  We were soon up brewing a pot of perked coffee on the camp stove and planning our strategy for the day.

July 2011 180

Stony Creek Campground

We were pleasantly surprised to find crowds had dwindled with many leaving the park to head home for the 4th of July.  We took an early morning walk to see the grove of tall trees where the General Sherman Sequoia is found.  We were treated to two bear sightings this morning also: a baby cub and later to a big bear that had to be frightened off by a ranger firing pellets from his rifle.

We managed a moderate hike up Moro Rock after a picnic lunch.  A climb of over 400 steps along with quite an elevation gain; we were rewarded with magnificent  views at the top!  What struck me most about today were all the languages I heard today.  It seemed that all Americans (except us) had left to celebrate elsewhere and left the park sparse except for the trees, the bears and the foreign tourists.  It was wonderful.

To be continued……

hdrMoroRock (1 of 1)

View from Moro Rock, Sequoia NP


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