A Summer Road Trip: day 1

sketch_NP01 - Version 2

Grant's Grove meadow

On July 3, 2011 Rudy and I gathered our camping gear and left our home before daybreak to start a camping/road trip.  No real plans for where to go but a general idea of what we wanted to do and see.

Our first day we headed north and ended up in Sequoia National Park.  Thinking we’d have no problem getting a campsite.  Were we wrong!  Being a holiday weekend all campsites were full.  The park was so congested we were sorry we picked it as our first stop.  We headed out of the park and into the national forest where we found that last site at a federal campground.  It was perfect; being nestled up against the rocks and across a creek.  We didn’t mind having to jump stones in the creek to get our gear across.  After settling in we drove into King’s Canyon National Park where we enjoyed a nice dinner that evening.  Then we took a nice walk around the meadow where I sketched this scene.

To be continued……

Sequoia National Park.....Peace people :)


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