Las Alcachofas de mi Jardin

Las Alcachofas

Las Alcachofas de mi Jardin

This is the third year for our summer vegetable garden. We so enjoyed the bounty it produced the first time that we doubled its size last summer and tripled it this one! One of the new things we are growing is an artichoke plant. Not expecting too much from it this year but have been wonderfully surprised with the globes it is giving us. We are artichoke connoisseurs and enjoy their lusty flavor with butter and fresh lemon juice.

I am really enjoying getting out in the garden and painting this summer’s bounty. This one was a little tricky because the artichokes are still a bit small and not ready to pick so I had to climb up on the hill; balancing my palette and water pot in order to paint them.

Sketching and painting this month has helped get me in the ‘habit’ once again. I am preparing for a road trip next week where I will make many marks and brush strokes along the way.



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3 responses to “Las Alcachofas de mi Jardin

  1. Lovely artichokes Marta! Something devoured mine completely, roots and all!

  2. Love seeing the fruits and vegetables of your labors, in the garden and the sketchbook.

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