Estudio de Fresas (Strawberry Study)

Estudio de Fresas

Estudio de Fresas

With the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables at this time of year, it’s no wonder I want to eat, can and paint all of them!  Last week I made a rhubarb-berry salsa that sounded interesting.  Last night I took it to a pool/bbq party for all to try.  It was delicious!  What was left over went on top of the watermelon sorbet for dessert and we all concluded it was a perfect little dish for before and after a meal.

Today I need to take a break from the canning.  I developed a sharp pain under my right shoulder blade and am recalling last summer this happened after doing a lot of canning also.  I have a canning injury!!!   It’s the lifting of jars into and out of the canner.  So I’ll just enjoy what I have canned so far and give myself a few weeks to heal before doing any more canning.

So, now I have a little more time to practice my sketching and watercoloring.  I ordered a few new colors and am anxiously waiting their arrival. So today there will be some painting, not much housework (hurts to lift my arm) and a long afternoon out by the pool doing my summer reading.  Ah, I love life.


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