Some more pages from my sketchbook

Milk Jug with Lemons

Milk Jug with Lemons

Two more sketches to add from my Canson Watercolor sketchbook. I am trying to use a lighter hand in drawing and in the application of the paint. I think the Milk Jug with Lemons was more successful than Rabanitos. Today I am geared up for a morning in the kitchen canning sweets. I am hoping to be done by the time the intense heat is under way and I can enjoy the pool on this first day of summer!





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2 responses to “Some more pages from my sketchbook

  1. Desiree

    Awesome, I love your sketchbook pages. You are always so good at layout and compostition. I think they look even better in person and the Strawberry Margarita jam is so yummy!

  2. good to see you’re sketching gain…love all these latest sketches!!

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