Screw the Scale!

rabanitos WIP

It’s one of those rare days that I find myself completely alone at home.  Adam has gone off on a week long adventure and Rudy and Aaron went to see a ‘guy movie.’  I was chastising myself for not going out for a morning walk/run; especially after getting on the scale this morning.  Depressing.

I pulled out some fabric and cleared off my work table to begin a new apron.  But then put that aside and started to complete my notes from last weeks darkroom sessions.  I’ve been taking fastidious notes while I am learning film photography.  Done with that, now what?

I am listening to an audio book so I plugged in my headphones and now that the sun had begun to shine, I went out to check on the garden.  These little radishes were ready to pick.  But before slicing them up I pushed away the fabric off the work table and worked on a little watercolor sketch of them.  Now I can let the painting dry a bit before working on it some more, but first…….time for one of my pineapple pop-cycles I made yesterday! Screw the scale!






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3 responses to “Screw the Scale!

  1. Lovely little radish painting! Hope the popsicle was delicious! I would have done the same thing….

  2. They look just yummy!!! (And I don’t even particularly like the taste of radishes. They do make a lovely compositon for your journal.

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