The Photographic Arts


At the Dog Beach with Lola

Up  until a few months ago, the process of producing a film photograph was a mystery to me.  Since I was a young girl I had a strong desire to learn photography.  I never took a class because I knew the expense of a camera and supplies were more than my family could afford.  Instead the decades passed taking pictures of my kids, family and trips with various film cameras.  When digital photography came about, my world began to open.  It wasn’t until early this year that I finally took my first photography class.  We were required to shoot ‘old school’ with a film camera; learning how to develop the film and print from negatives.  I fell in love with the process.

You must understand where I was coming from.  Before that class I thought that the negative was in the roll of film.  I didn’t realize that you had to develop the film!  I realized I could bring my creativity into the darkroom.  I learned that by manipulating light and time I could produce a unique photograph.  With some supplies and help from my teachers I set up my own darkroom in the hall bathroom.  Taking photographs and then creating in the darkroom has become a new artistic media for me and one that I am finding very satisfying.   When I am working in there it is the same ‘zen’ as when I am painting.  Today I loved losing myself in the photographic arts.

Above is photograph of my Amy and her new puppy Lola at Del Mar’s dog beach near San Diego, CA.  Lola loved her first beach outing!

Below are photographs from our recent trip to Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite film photography 1

Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

Yosemite film photography 2

Last Light in Cook's Meadow


Yosemite film photography 3

The Grizzly Giant


Yosemite film photography 4

Days End: Half Dome



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2 responses to “The Photographic Arts

  1. Super photos!!! I took a photograpy class years ago where we developed our own film. I remember the excitement of looking at the paper in the solution and seeing the image appear. There is really something special about the look of black and white photographs. Looks like you will have a great time in the lab!

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