The only way to get into a habit of doing something, like sketching, is to do it daily.  I am going to try.  I am not going to agonize over a blank page nor over the results.  If I get into the ‘habit’ I may just surprise myself with some nice sketches.  But that is not what will be my motivating force.  I will continue to keep a separate sketchbook for travel and try keeping those sketches more formal and crisp.  But for everyday I’m just going to do whatever the day dictates.

Today as I was doing morning chores like laundry, baking, dishes and general tidying up I saw that my Bewitched had a beautiful blossom open this morning.  So after having gotten over the first page of new sketchbook jitters I just dove in and did a quick sketch of the rose with a simple wash.  I think I went just beyond into the ‘overworked’ stage so I stopped and let it be.  I enjoyed the process.



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2 responses to “Habits

  1. Love the rose!! This sketch has a nice spontaneous feel to it.
    I thought I had lost your blog…I didn’t notice the message that you moved. I guess people had a hard time noticing that my blog had moved too. I will be back. The sketches from Yosemite below are great!

  2. Marta, you will do great in sketching again, lovely rose BTW. You have done it so super before and have inspired me and many.

    About the brown paper bag sketchbook, is made from supermarket brown paper bag or sometimes people call it, kraft paper. I am sure there are some kraft paper sketchbooks in the US. The brown paper is not archival though but it is fun to play with gouache, cp, and pastel alike. I got mine as a pack of A4 brown paper bag 150 grams weight. Then I took it to be bound at a Kinko type shop in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Have fun sketching with your visiting art friends.

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