A New Sketchbook


Lola at the dog beach

Last week had my emotions all over the place.  I was excited to be having one of my dear art friends, Casey, come with her husband Michel to visit for a few days.  We had spent the first part of the week getting the studio ready for guests and planning activities.  But on Tuesday, the day before they were to arrive, our Amy called from an ambulance that she had been side swiped by a big rig semi truck.  I pretty much discarded my apron and grabbed the car keys and Rudy and I were on our way to a hospital in San Diego.  She had minor injuries but was very shaken up.  The following morning we brought her and Lola (her puppy) home to Riverside.  We made it home just in time to greet our guests who arrived that afternoon.


Casey and Michel were quite understanding and the visit went on as planned.  We had a wonderful evening along with Dianne  (Desiree) and her husband Randy.  Dinner at the historic Mission Inn and then an evening in the spa and pool at Dianne and Randy’s.  The following day we went to Old Town Pasadena where we had fun at Dick Blick’s Art Supply,  lunch at an Argentinean restaurant and then a couple of hours at the Norton Simon Museum of Art before they had to head back to the airport.


We came home to pack up and get back to San Diego with Amy to take care of the car situation.  Her car was a total loss and so this past weekend was spent car shopping.  We did take a break yesterday to take Lola to the dog beach in Del Mar, California.  It was so fun to see that puppy so happy to be splashing with all the other doggies at the beach.  Casey gave me a new sketchbook and so I took a little time to sketch while we watched Lola play.


It was wonderful to have Casey and Michel.  I met Casey through the art blogs and then in person 3 1/2 years ago in Paris.  We all enjoyed the visit so much and hope to someday get together again, here or in Paris, France.  Au bientot mom ami.





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8 responses to “A New Sketchbook

  1. Sending a ((( Circle of His Hugs to Hold you Safe))).
    Hope all is well. Glad you went on with the Guest and all the good times.

    Sherrie Roberts

    • Thanks Sherrie. This week is certainly much calmer than last. Hoping to spend some time reorganizing art supplies this week and get back into the sketching habit.

  2. caseytoussaint

    Hi Marta! I finally got an internet connection – I love the sketches of Lola, and we had an amazing time with you and your wonderful family. It was so great to spend time with you again – so you really need to come over to our side of the world again one of these days. I hope everything has settled down at your house too. Talk to you soon.

    • Yes, a longer visit next time. It would have been fun to spend some time creating! Yes, all is back to normal and now miss Amy is excited to be getting her new car today. bisous..

  3. How great that you all got together. Sorry about your daughter’s accident. Great painting of the beach and the dog…lots of life to it!

  4. Yes, sketching with friends is fun. How grand you got to see Casey again! Love the sketch from Del Mar. See you soon, I hope.

  5. What a weekend! There are so many bloggers I’d like to meet, and paint with. How nice you managed to do it!
    Very glad to hear Amy was not seriously hurt–what a terrifying experience!

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