Family History in Bisbee, Az

Today we rose to a beautiful sunny day. We had to skip showers because the water hose for the trailer had frozen during the night! A quick breakfast of coffee and muffins and we were on the road to tour Tombstone and Bisbee, AZ. We were in Tombstone about 20 years ago and found today’s visit disappointing. The main street was paved, everything was commercialized, fees for everything! So we skipped all but the courthouse and settled in for a long leisurely lunch at a local saloon.

Next we drove another 25 miles to Bisbee; an historic mining town. My mother was born there and my grandfather worked the Copper Queen mine during the 1920s. We toured the museum and then came across the reference library. A friendly old timer guided us to the Bisbee and Don Luis city directories. A few minutes later I was looking at the listing for my grandparents: Verdugo Jose miner, his address and wife (Sarah). It filled me with emotion to find this little treasure. Soon I was talking to all the museum staff and they were telling me there were lots of Verdugos in the area. They guided us to the area where my grandparents lived. Then one woman called the curator of the museum to come talk to me because they have very little in the way of photos of Don Luis. I have several old photos my grandmother gave me. I left with promises to scan and send them what I have. It was a great way to end our trip through the southwest. Tomorrow morning we begin the long journey home.


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