If not staying with family we have been staying at KOA campgrounds. This is our first time using them and so far we have enjoyed our stays. We have only camped in State and National Parks before so this is a change for us. It’s been nice to have not only full hookups for water, sewer and lights, but also luxuries like wifi and cable tv. The hosts at these campgrounds have been helpful and friendly; escorting us to our campsite, providing information about the area and one even offering to cook and deliver lunch and dinner if we did not want to cook! The funniest thing has been that they call this “kamping.” Everything ‘kamp’ related begins with a ‘K’. We left Las Cruces early this morning and are hunkering down here in Benson, AZ for the next few days. A big and powerful storm is hitting California and is soon to arrive in the Tucson area. We have been told to expect freezing weather and possibly snow by morning. I took this photograph to compare with one I’ll take tomorrow if and when it does snow. Right now I have warm blueberry muffins I just baked, leek soup from scratch and a cozy little ‘casita’ to stay warm and dry in. What a memorable trip this has been!


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