White Sands National Monument

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This has been the longest day of our 2+ week journey. We arose at 4am to leave Carlsbad for Las Cruces, NM. We were fleeing the threat of gusty winds. Our little truck has struggled a bit on this trip pulling our little casita. We didn’t want to push it anymore than we had to. We were blessed with a lovely drive through desolate and beautiful land. We had to laugh that there were no services for 130 miles between Carlsbad and El Paso, Tx.. The rest stops had a picnic table and a set of steps over the barbed fence so you could go find a bush to relieve yourself. I was grateful to have our little trailer with a bathroom.
We made it to Las Cruces with time to go explore the old town of Mesillas, enjoy some lunch at a historic restaurant where I finally got to enjoy one of my favorite New Mexico specialties: Sopapillas. With full tummies we headed out to White Sands National Monument. What a beautiful place. The sight of the pure white sand dunes is breathless. I could have spent days there. But we are so tired and have to get back on the road early tomorrow morning; headed to Benson, AZ near Tucson for the next 3 nights. I am starting to miss home and my children. I know they are grown ups but I still miss them.

Yes, he’s plowing sand!!!





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  1. Oooh — so beautiful! You are making me want to travel across the country!

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