Homeward Bound

Tomorrow we begin the last week of our adventure: homeward bound. We are praying the winds won’t set us back trying to get to Las Cruces, NM. The winds cut short our hike today and kept us snugged down in our little casita. We had to put up the beds because the winds were so strong. Tonight it will be tight quarters in our little trailer. 🙂 This is a desolate desert. It is so different than the deserts I’m used to seeing back in California, Nevada and Arizona. But just as beautiful. The sights we’ve been seeing along the way have been memorable; like today traveling through open range and coming across wild horses grazing. Or the pretty cacti, similar yet different than the ones back home. The land is sparse here and yet stunning. I have really enjoyed our venture into southeastern New Mexico. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead on this adventure.


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  1. Looks like you’ve traveled to some beautiful and amazing places. You must have a TON of photos. Glad you’re enjoying your trip.

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