To Texas and Back

I first heard about Carlsbad Caverns when I was a school girl.  A classmate had gone with her family and her description of the ‘cave’ fascinated  me.  Today I finally got to see what she was talking about.  What an amazing, the most amazing hike I have ever done.  We opted to decent down through the natural entrance rather than take the elevator down.  It was erie traveling through from daylight, through the twilight zone and finally into total darkness (lit by dim lights for hikers).  We saw beautiful formations of stalagmites reaching up from the bottom of the cave and stalagacites hanging from above like fine drapery.  We could feel the breeze from above ground and hear the trickle of water dripping; continuing to shape and form the caverns.
My wonderful sherpa, Rudy dutifully carried and set up my tripod and watched for humans using flashes or trying to pass by.  I got some lovely photos which I have to edit before posting.  I am posting this one of deep inside the cavern to show just how amazing this place is.  After taking an elevator to the top we had lunch, completed my junior ranger activity book and earned my 3rd badge.  We drove another 40 minutes south into Texas into Guadalupe National Park for a quick visit there today also. What a wonderful day!


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