Electronic Gadget De-tox

It’s funny that every time I’m up at the Vance’s cabin in Tres Ritos, NM I start missing my cell service and internet. The days there are quiet; filled with long hours playing games while keeping warm next to a roaring fire. I have a hard time easing away from the electronic gadgets that I use everyday. What’s happening in the world today, what’s tomorrow’s weather going to be like, are things okay back home? Yet the wonder of snowflakes falling within arms reach and the soft crunch of fresh snow under my feet, release me from the outside world. Once back to civilization I am anxious to get a cell signal and start checking my email and Facebook. I call my kids to check on them and start planning for the next part of our road/camping trip. And as happy as I am to be back amidst the buzz of city life I already am missing the quiet of the cabin, the soft snow and the laughter of family huddled together playing poker! Thank you Issa, Terry and kids for letting us share such special times with all of you in such a beautiful place.


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