Rainbow Sherbet and Dreams

Aidan Jones

Sherbet Boy


A little birdie told me that some of my art blog friends have been wondering about my silence on the blogs.  I have been quiet about posting but do continue to check on my friends blogs and see what they are up to.  I seriously took up learning photography last January and after a year of self instruction and then some college courses in photography, I am throughly enjoying this new art medium.  I realize I will never stop learning, be it photography or art or anything else that I set my mind to.

One of my greatest joys are my grand niece and nephews.  Capturing their childhood through paintings and photos has been so much fun.  On Friday we took 4 year old Aidan to the Aquarium of the Pacific for the day.  We took a mid afternoon break to walk along the waterfront and enjoy some ice cream cones.  I captured this as he was quietly enjoying  the last of his cone.

I’m going to continue eating rainbow sherbet and dreaming for now.



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4 responses to “Rainbow Sherbet and Dreams

  1. I’ve been missing you and your work. Glad to see you found another way to express yourself. Good for you! Happy New Year!

    • Happy New YEAR to you too! I am enjoying all the learning going on in my head but I must admit I am missing my sketching and art too. Hopefully soon I’ll combine the best of all my creative spirits!

  2. Happy B-lated Birthday Marta !!!! I know it was your b-day because we share the same b-day… May you have another fantastic artistic & happy & fun year !!!

    I hope you have fun in all sorbet tasting, hanging out with grand kids, or you new angel friend. I miss seeing your cheerful sketch/art work.

    Catch up later,

    • Thanks Ai and Happy Birthday to you too! I too hope to go back to more sketching and art soon. I have been studying and practicing photography and see it as an extension of my creative journey. I hope you are well and happy and enjoying your babies!

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