Professor Trujillo


I met an angel today.  I was out on my artist date taking photographs in the downtown area of my town.  I have been trying to really pay attention to the messages the universe has directed at me.  I am learning to listen more, speak less.  I find myself more at peace and utterly happy.  So today while I was lost in the act of taking photos i heard a melodious voice directed at me.  It came from an older woman sitting on a park bench in the shade of a massive tree by the courthouse.  “Sweetheart, are you a professional photographer?

Oh no,  I responded,  just a student.”

She soon engaged me in a tale of who she was.  First she was from Indonesia where she filmed music videos.  Then she was from Brazil and told me of beautiful macaws she once saw while filming.  “Oh Sweetheart, the colors were so beautiful.”  Next she was offering to walk around with me to help me compose my photographs because she was a composer also and she began to hum.  I was enthralled.  I wanted the universe to send me a message because I am listening and I knew that the message was this quirky old woman.  Next she went on to tell me that she loves red and I told her it was my favorite color also.  “Are you a virgo?”  No, I’m an aquarius.  She grew pensive and then said she thought so since when she first saw me I was taking photos of the fountains.  Aquarius the water bearer.  She next grew curious about me.  Was I married, had I any children and where did I go to school.  And then she felt formal introductions were required and she firmly grasped my hand and introduced herself as Professor Trujillo.  Next thing I know she is telling me once again she’s from Brazil and she lived in Indonesia.  She was lovely with beautiful green eyes and a weathered complexion.  By her dress and her belongings I think she was homeless.   I told her I would look for her again next time I was downtown and maybe we could visit more.   I took this when I saw her a few minutes later leaving the area.  I met an angel today and she was the light of my day.



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4 responses to “Professor Trujillo

  1. Marissa V

    Nice story. I’m glad you are still enjoying the book.

  2. Sometimes the unexpeced just happens!!!

  3. Nice post! Thanks for sharing. You have a great blog.

  4. Desiree

    Great story, wonderful insight, you should write more often

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