Wonders yet to come

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In my last post I stated that I was going to give up reading, social networking and television for a week.  It’s been two weeks and I though for anyone curious or interested I would update on how it went.

The most difficult hurdle for me was not reaching for my phone first thing in the morning to check emails and Facebook updates.  After a few days it wasn’t hard at all.  Without the television on for morning shows the house was so quite so I turned on the music.  Soon my mornings were either quite and reflective or I was dancing to the sounds of my heart.  I quickly got into the routine of writing my morning pages outside under the lemon tree; sipping my coffee.  I had ‘time’ one morning to arrange the patio furniture to make it more inviting to be outside.  Soon after a few days I began to hear the sounds of morning: the birds chirping, the water from the sprinklers spraying the garden, the neighborhood beginning to wake.  I was starting to listen and take note of my surroundings.  I was becoming aware.

Without time spent on the internet or television or novels and magazines I found I had time for other things.  As mentioned, one morning I spent the time arranging the backyard furniture.  I also got back into my running routine three times a week, coming home hot and parched to strip down to my birthday suit for a plunge in the pool.  I painted a small landscape one afternoon and lost myself in the process.  It was delightful!  I went on artist dates with myself and another time with friends.  I had my grand-nephews over and we played and put up the tent in the backyard where we laid down one night to look up at the stars.  We would have slept outside but it was too hot!  We enjoyed those little boys another day taking them to the San Diego Zoo and seeing it through their eyes.  I spent time in the vegetable garden and canning the end of our harvest.  I baked bread and made delicious treats from the fruits of our harvest.  I spent more time with my husband because we both were enjoying staying away from the television.  He even joined me on a walk one morning where we stopped at Starbucks for coffee and enjoyed running into my friend Bill who was there sipping his coffee while he wrote in his journal.  I also got some creativity in by making aprons.  I just got it into my head to start making aprons.  Not for anyone in particular but just for the pleasure of working with pretty colors and patterns.  My heart was finding new direction.

In her book, The Artists Way, Julia Cameron talks about synchronicity.  I call them ah-ha moments.  She states that as you move through the book and the tasks, you will begin to have those kind of moments also.  I didn’t quite believe it but I was willing to plod through.  I began to have those ah-ha moments a couple of weeks ago.  Little things would pop up either in my life or my journaling.  Things that if I listen and become aware can lead me to the path I want to follow.

Some examples:

One day a few months ago I got an email from a stranger asking if he could use one of my images to print on a tote bag for out of town guests he was having come to his daughter’s wedding.  We worked out an agreement we were both happy with.  In lieu of payment he made a $100 donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in my name and also promised to send me a few totes.  They arrived last week.

I had been journaling about how I tend to butt heads with my youngest son and how I wanted to work on my relationship with him.  The next day he announced he was moving out and was happy to be rooming in a house with his friends.  I felt sad but happy  for him too.  He’s come over quite a bit lately and calls often to tell me he loves me.  Our relationship is solid and it’s been nice for both of us to stop the bickering.

I got on this apron making kick and at the end of the first week of reading depravation I decided to skim through my emails. I found an invitation to a friend’s surprise party.  Was I glad I had a beautiful apron to wrap up for her!

Some ah-has were funny.  When I announced the start of the reading depravation and the lack of mini speakers for my ipod, Rudy’s ipod died and since he didn’t need his little boom box speakers for work he let me use them.  Now I had music where ever I wanted!  Or the day I wanted to paint a pastel and wondered where I had stored my pastel card and then a sheet flew down from a shelf of the very paper and color I wanted.  I wish it and it is so. LOL!

S o, it truly was a rewarding venture without all the business of news and updates and ‘noise.’  I enjoyed it so that I don’t want to go back to my old routine.  I started school this past week, a digital photography class.  I have decided that I don’t need to watch so much television.  An hour a day is enough.  I am lurking on Facebook a bit but not ready to jump back into the social networking just yet.  I’ll continue to lurk some.  I did start reading again, this week re-reading How to Kill a Mockingbird which is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary.  I am enjoying my morning pages and look forward to my half hour with my coffee and journal.

I have a feeling I’m just starting on a fantastic voyage and there will be many wonders yet to come.



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2 responses to “Wonders yet to come

  1. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like you’ve found time for lots of things that were missing before!

  2. glad to read that you are enjoying the book too. will be back soon to read more about your experiences. tc.

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