Imagine the Possibilities

A few weeks ago I began reading and working through a book a friend recommended to me: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  I am finding it useful even though I’m not following through very well on all the tasks.  Basically you are supposed to journal every morning what she calls the morning pages and once a week you are to take yourself on an artist date; with yourself.  So I’ve been doing about 70% of the morning pages and have done my artist dates and I am beginning to enjoy both the journaling and the dates.

The big task for this week is called reading depravation.  You are to cut yourself off from reading: novels, the newspaper, emails.  This book is from the late 1980’s I think so she doesn’t mention ‘social networking.’  I do all my reading on the computer, kindle and iphone but I do ‘get it’.  So I’m going to try it this week.  No reading, no emails, nor Facebook or Twitter.  I’m also going to cut out 90% of television for the week.  And I’m going to see how it goes and what I’ll do with my time.  The hope is that it lures me to explore my creativity.

I’ll check in next week and update on what, if anything I gained from this little exercise.  Already this past week I found myself one day sitting with my watercolors and playing when this magical blue flower flowed out of my head  and onto the paper.  Wow, how did that happen?



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7 responses to “Imagine the Possibilities

  1. Fantastic, Marta! I guess you’ll get this note in a week… I’ve been trying to find someone to work through the book again with. I start and stop, in erratic fits. Want to do it together?

    • I’m really enjoying most of it. Doing it with someone I would think would be hard. It was even hard to write this post that I was doing it! LOL. It’s like a secret I’m giving away. I did look at the forums on her Artist Way web site but didn’t find them too interesting. You should try it again. Once I got into it I am enjoying the whole process.

  2. Desiree

    I find that all the time spent on the information highway starts to make me crazy. I feel more stressed and when I get away from it, mostly FB, I am more relaxed and enjoy the journey of art and the creative processes much more. I hope you enjoy your week of self reflection and reinvention.

    • It was hard at first to not peek at FB or watch tv, but now that I am over the rough part; I did find myself spending my time more creatively and without negative influences. I’m still keeping away from it as much as possible this past week also.

  3. Was just introduced to your site because our a comment left on ours! Love your work. I’ll be sure to check in next week to see how your week without reading went!

  4. Love the flowers! I just came back from a month and a half in Venice and feel like I was doing what the book suggested. Aside from checking emails, I had no newspaper, and felt so isolated…but boy did I get a lot of paintings Please stop by and view a few.

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