Photographic Travel Journey

and purple mountain magesties

One of the magical views from the south rim of the canyon.

A Travel Journey: Road Trip is a photo site I created to share photographs I take while on trips; mostly road trips.  If you follow along here be sure to jump over there to see the work I did while on our last road trip through the desert southwest.

The direction I was following was to avoid random snapshots and to carefully plan and execute each shot.  Easier said than done.  Rudy, my Gracie and I were on this trip too so I felt I need to include them also.  But my focus was really to use my camera and it’s settings to try and get some nice landscapes and structures.  I am happy with the results and am thinking of maybe putting a photo book together for us and Grace.

I am starting up at the local college again.  After this summer’s photography class I felt I wanted to learn so much more.   I am signed up for two mornings a week to take an introduction to digital photography.  Although I haven’t been doing much art lately I am hoping that the art and photography will find each other and fall in love and who knows where that will go!

I’ve gotten so bad about blogging.  I just find I have so much more to be doing; like taking pictures, gardening and enjoying what is left of summer.  I like the photo site because it allows me to put up whole albums at once.  I’ll try to come here once  every so often or to announce a new journey.  I hope there are many more to announce.  Rudy is retiring in November and we are excited at the possibilities.  We already have a few days planned in Las Vegas, camping in the desert in December and who knows where to next.

Today I am going with my friend Diane, Desireé to a watercolor lecture in San Clemente, CA.  A fun evening as we are going out for a nice dinner first, hopefully near the beach.  I’m sure afterwards I’ll be itching to pull out my paints once again!


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