Our First Beach Day

My niece Grace is spending a good part of the summer with me this year.  She arrived off her first  unescorted flight last Monday night full of smiles and vigor.  At thirteen she’s now taller than me and I’m sure will be another inch taller by the time i return her to her parents in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  It’s been so much fun having a girl around again and she’s keeping me busy with activities.  I am enjoying her tremendously.  Today we ventured out to the beach on the train.  It was great, dropped us off right at the pier.  What started as a warm sunny day soon grew overcast and cold, but even so we enjoyed our day outing.  She loves to read, so we spent most of our time huddled under towels with our current novels.  I also brought my sketchbook along and got in a quick sketch. Tomorrow is housework day and then who knows what adventure we will find next.

Beach Day - 17

Beach Jerk



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2 responses to “Our First Beach Day

  1. Having early teems around forces me out of my box. We swim and do easy art projects that let me teach them the basics. I know you will enjoy the summer with your beautiful niece and you will be surprised how much you learn from her! Great sketch.

  2. I sure miss that Grace!

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