Figure Drawing Class; Spring 2010


Figure Drawing Spring 2010 semester

I just completed my second term of figure drawing at our local community college. This was a rewarding semester for me in that I could not only see improvements but feel them as well.  I learned so much when I took this class two years ago.  Taking it once again built upon those skills which were the foundation of the first time around.  I didn’t really appreciate the ‘growth’ I’ve done as a figure  artist until I compared the studies done in 2008 and those done this term, 2010.  I know I have years to go before I will (if ever) feel like I have mastered figure drawing.  I am excited to show you this terms work; let me know what you think.  You can click on the picture above and it will take you to the set of drawings I did this term.

Summer is here and although I will be busy with other things, I am hoping to keep my pencils sharpened and a sheet of fresh paper on the easel.



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10 responses to “Figure Drawing Class; Spring 2010

  1. Wonderful collection of sketches!!! You should be very happy with the sketches and your growth over the semester. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Joan! I am disappointed that this fall the class has been moved to evenings which are difficult for me because of my eyes. So venturing into a photography class instead! Thanks also for all your wonderful comments and support.

  2. fabulous work! enjoyed looking through the collection on flickr and looking forward to more!

  3. Marta, this portfolio is great. I love all the sketches, especially the gesture ones and your self portrait. Great accomplishment… congratulations.

  4. This is awesome! I mised your blog move – no wonder it hasn’t been showing up on my reader! You really have made an enormous amount of progress. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I’ve been missing you.

    • The blogging gets to be much at times doesn’t it? I could spend hours looking at all the wonderful postings out there or spending my time out doing things. LOL. Right now I’m enjoying my life outside the front door. I’ve missed you too…let’s skype soon. Bisous

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