Self Portrait 2010 no.2 and Master Study

self portrait 2010 no. 2
The first formal critique of the term is this morning.  I have my portfolio ready to display and turn in.  I love critiques and learn so much from them.  For the ‘occasion’ I promised to make lemon bars to enjoy while we peruse each others art work.  We have in addition to our term work, two master studies to turn in.  I chose a portrait by Monet and a seated figure by Domenic Cretara.  For my interpretation I chose to do self portraits.  We are supposed to work from life so I am cheating by working from computer!  I posed for both self portraits using the web cam on my mac and then drawing from the screen image.

I haven’t posted any of my class work yet but will after I get the portfolio back.  I am no where near mastering figure drawing but I do see an improvement from my work of two years ago.  So, slowly, I am progressing.

master study: Domenic Cretara



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3 responses to “Self Portrait 2010 no.2 and Master Study

  1. Marta – I am impressed with your work!!! These sketches are really lovely!!! Your classes seem to be the perfect spot for you.

  2. caseytoussaint

    Wow, Marta – your drawing has really taken off! These are gorgeous.

  3. Marta, I haven’t visited you in a while, and was surprised to see you moved your blog. It’s lovely, and I especially like seeing your artwork again. The pastel pears you sent are in my studio, and I think of you often. These pencil drawings are inspiring, especially the life drawings. I’ve signed up for s figure painting studio class this summer, and am frankly intimidated. Anyway, just dropped in to say hello.

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