Yes, my eyes really are not symetrical.

self portrait 2010 no_1

I had a good start to the week yesterday.  I got in a nice run before running off to figure class.  The advanced students had a new model and she was wonderfully put together.  We got two long poses for the session and I was satisfied with both of my drawings.  I have not brought home any of my drawings and will only look at them again when it’s time to choose drawings for the portfolio we will turn in at midterm.  I will then maybe post my best ones.

Today began with a horrid headache.  By late afternoon I felt better and got to work on the rest of the master study assignment.  The final part of the master study is to do a drawing in a style similar to the master artist.  In this case after Monet.  We are to work from life but honestly, my  eyes just have a hard time with that.  So I posed in front of my mac, snapped a photo in photo booth and worked form a blown up image of that.  It is strange to see myself with out my glasses because I can’t even make it to the bathroom without them.  My son says it looks just like me and I think it so too.



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5 responses to “Yes, my eyes really are not symetrical.

  1. From what I know of you from the photos you’ve posted you got a good likeness of yourself. I like your shading on this.

  2. A great selfportrait…exactly what makes us perfect..nothing is symmetrical!
    Oh, and how I love your drawing in the previous post too!

  3. I think I feel like knowing you more and more each time you post the drawing or painting of yourself. Great job. BTW, my eyes are not symmetrical either 😉

  4. Good job, it does look like you

  5. Nobody’s face is symmetrical have you ever held a mirror across a face so that one side is reflect and looks like a whole. It’s an interesting exercise to do and can yield some fascinating results

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