Tiny Dancer

Dancer, Degas

Figure Drawing Class will be starting in just over a week.  Time to start organizing my supplies and getting ready for the first day of class.  I found a beautiful art book in an old bookstore in San Diego a few days ago.  It has wonderful color plates along with many drawings by the French impressionists.  I know my art instructor will have us busy doing master studies this term so I was delighted to find some new material from which to choose.  I thought I’d get a bit of a head start today and do this small approx. 5×7 inch sketch of one of Degas’ dancers.



Filed under arte, charcoal/conte, sketch

2 responses to “Tiny Dancer

  1. A class is a wonderful thing to look foward to! Lovely drawing of the dancer. Are you like me and every time you see a drawing of a ballerina you think Degas? It was so incredible when I saw his actual sculpture of the ballerina when I was in Paris. Enjoy your class.

  2. Ooh lala…ypu’re on wordp4ess too…looks GREAT!! Welcome! Love your dancer..

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