Recordándote Mom

Recordándote Mom

A Facebook post by my sister reminded me that it was the anniversary of our mother’s death eleven years ago.  I’d forgotten.  That sounds awful I know.  but in reality it is not.  I think I have experienced so much death in my life that I self protect by not wanting to remember.   But since I was reminded today I spent the morning recalling how sadly that she was taken from us so suddenly.  She was a vibrant and energetic women who died peacefully in her sleep one night.  She was found by her grandkids in the morning while trying to wake her to make them ‘grandma’s pancakes.’

At the kitchen sink today I spotted the only rose in my garden.  You see, my mother was roses.  She cultivated them, grew them, made magic with them.  Even after death she let her children know in a very special way, that she WAS roses.  So I went out, cut it and decided it was time to make ‘studio time’ and get to work!

I set up a still life on my mom’s mirrored backed china hutch.   I placed the César Chavez rose I picked on top of one of her hankies and her crystal hurricane lamp next to it.  I took numerous photos and  then did a quick wc study in my moleskine before working on this monotone study all afternoon.   It was done on awful handmade watercolor paper someone gave me once.  It is painted with water-soluble graphite and Payne’s Grey watercolor .   This study is approx. 7.5 x 11 inches.

It was really a nice way to spend the afternoon remembering Mom.



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5 responses to “Recordándote Mom

  1. Such a beautiful painting to go with such a beautiful story of your mom. I am so sorry I didn’t get to meet her, I think we had a lot in common. Its nice to see her in you every time you do something that she started or remember her special qualities and share them with others. Its a way of honoring the thread of her that will forever run through the fabric of your family! Hugs

  2. What a lovely way to remember your mom!! I like the shading and composition in this. I love the word “hankie.” You never hear it any more, and I think it reminds all of us of our mothers who always made us remember to take one at all times. I think my family remembers my mom with her chocolate chip cake. We never have a family gathering (big or small) without it.

  3. Beautiful Rose painting. It’s amazing how when we lose a parent, as time goes on, sometimes those anniversary days come and go, and we forget to notice for a day or two. That’s happened to me and I’m always shocked when I realize it.

    It almost happened this last Jan 18, for my mom which was 24 years after she passed.

  4. sandy

    I cannot imagine a more touching tribute – in word and work.

  5. Remembering because someone or something comes to your attention seems sweeter than never forgetting because Mom would be SO PO’d!
    Thanks for letting me read how it could have been. I am growing roses and hope to be the sort of mom yours was, and that I live long enough for my grandchildren to expect pancakes!

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