Easing Back or Moving Forward?

I took the train into Long Beach, California today for my routine eye exam.  I am doing well and the eye pressure is under control.  It’s been almost a year since I had an Ahmed valve placed under my left eye lid.  It is working beautifully.

While I sat waiting for the train to pull out from the station,  I had time to do a quick sketch of a lamppost on the boarding platform.  A few simple lines and a touch of color and done.  I meed to ease myself back into the routine of drawing and painting.  Funny how it gets away from me at times.

I also registered for the figure drawing class at the local college which I took 2 years ago.  There can never be too much figure drawing!  Classes start on the 17th of February.  I am ready to move forward!



Filed under arte, sketch, watercolor

4 responses to “Easing Back or Moving Forward?

  1. Marta – I see that you’re prepared to sketch anywhere like I am. I’m glad to hear that yo9ur eye is doing so well. Yeah for the figure drawing class!!!

  2. sandy

    So glad your eye is under control so no excuses, get sketching More 😉

  3. Love the colors on the lamp post. Yes, Let’s get together sometime soon. I can come that way or I am close to two train stations and could pick you up.

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