Arte, Appetito, Adventura….¡Amor!

Bill sketching at Norton Simon
Last year I found myself delving into other areas of my passions: seeking out adventures which took me on wonderous journeys  through the southwest of  the USA.  I reignited passions for baking and cooking while  growing a successful vegetable garden.  And though It might have seemed that art had ebbed away some, in fact it was present in every adventure and culinary delight.  All these passions tousled together in  an  ‘Amor de vivir.’

It has became apparent to me that my original blog mARTa’s Art has become somewhat scattered.  I gravitate more often to check Facebook and Twitter sites to see what friends and family are up to.  I browse all my favorite friend blogs to keep up with new art work featured there, but sadly I don’t stop often enough to comment.

Rather than continue to post there I thought I would start a new blog where I won’t feel guilty about posting things other than art.  I’m going to try this new location to focus on all the passions and loves in my life:  art, food, and adventure.   Please join me here in my new home.

An Art Day with Bill

I met my friend Bill two years ago in art classes.  I am fortunate that he lives just a mile away, is retired and loves art!  He is a wonderful artist, his figure drawings and paintings are breathtaking.  Last week I invited him to go to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, CA. with me.  I did not want to miss seeing Ingre’s Comtesse d’Haussonville before it was returned to the Frick New York.  I told him we would also be  stopping to do a little sketching along the way.

As we sat in the gardens of the Norton Simon he composed a lovely little sketch of the pond and a Henry Moore  sculpture.  I sketched Bill.

We ended the day over sangrias and dinner at Gaucho Grill before taking the train back to Riverside.  I had covered all of my passions in one day:  art, appetite and adventure.  It was a great day!



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6 responses to “Arte, Appetito, Adventura….¡Amor!

  1. Ai

    I hope you have a wonderful new beginning. I am looking forward to hear more of your passion & adventures.

  2. Welcome to WordPress (my blog home too). I hope you keep posting your artwork too.

  3. I am excited to follow you in this new venture. I love posting about all of our lifes adventures, art being part of the bigger painting. Let me know how you like wordpress, I have toyed with the idea of switching but wonder how it might improve the blog. Have fun with a fresh new start in a new year.

  4. Happy new blog, Marta! I’ll follow in Google reader.

  5. sandy

    Like the new digs!!! Yet another adventure!!

  6. Marta – I love the sketch of Bill. I will happily follow your adventures here in your new “home.” I’ll just have to remember to change your address in my links. Here’s to many adventures!

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